Missing Pet Question


My Missing Pet Question is really helpful when you need that instant answer – is my missing pet alive & returning home!  As a Clairvoyant Animal Communicator, I am able to telepathically connect to your animal and find out various questions.

Please note this instant answer is more focused on a short yes & no type scenario.  If for example, you would want further detailed information as to where they are exactly.  Whether they have been stolen or taken in by a neighbour, you would need to book a full animal communication session.  This enables me to connect fully with your animal and pick up more details such as, why they left in the first place, are they unhappy at home or have they been taken against their will.


All responses to my Missing Pet Question will be received as soon as payment has been confirmed by me.  Please make sure you send me a text or email to confirm the name of your pet and which type of animal they are.   This way I can make an instant link to them – especially if their energy is weak for any reason.  You are also more than welcome to forward me a picture.  This is optional as I will still be able to make a connection without this.

To book a full and more detailed session with the chance to ask multiple questions, this may be more of what you need – Animal Communication sessions.

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