Negative Energy ‘Aura Cleanse’ Treatment


Negative Energy Cleansing and Spirit Prevention

When was the last time you professionally cleaned strengthened and protected your energy system? Purely, by decluttering the clogged up surrounding atmosphere from old ways of thinking, old emotional baggage and worries that turn out never to happen – all still Offer accumulation within your aura!

Offer extends to all previous clients who’ve had a reading since January 2021 or as an add on to any new clients.  If you are a worrier then this is definitely for you!


Negative Energy ‘Aura Spring Clean’ Treatment

This offer extends to my pre-existing clients (to claim at any time) or to be purchased as an add on for those booking their first reading with me.  This process can be carried out with your full confidence, that I am already in tune with your vibration frequency, this will be apparent from our reading sessions together.

Over the months and years, we not only get caught up in the stresses and strains of life, no matter how optimistic we try to be.  It’s with this. along with any emotional or physical pains, we may have endured that we are susceptible to spirit attachments, spirit possession (partial or full movements), negative thinking thought forms and tears in our auric energy field.  Just because we live our lives without awareness of this darker side of the spirit world, does not protect us from energy vampires, psychic attacks or just earthbound spirits becoming trapped in our energy fields.  Your first signs of knowing may not be until many years later.

Purely for a prevention perspective, I would say to anyone resonating with what they’ve just read to strongly consider having this done.  My abilities to work with and clairvoyantly see energies, allows me to complete a strong and thorough application.  As a pose to you clearing your own personal space with online suggestions.  Be mindful the DIY clearings do not detect and remove attachments, just hope to repel them.



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