Negative Energy Cleansing & Spirit Attachment Removal


Negative Energy Removal & Spirit Cleansing.  This includes clearing the energy space around you and placing protection over you from your first point of contact with me.  Please note you will be required to answer a few questions beforehand to gather the necessary information on which type of entity you are dealing with.  Sometimes, all that is needed is someone to make sense of an unexplained incident, not necessarily spirit attachment/spirit possession release.

(*Please NOTE:  Payment is taken at the time of appointment booking (£120).  There is  a small fee incurred when using the PayPal option to pay and no extra charge  when choosing the Direct 2 Bank option*)


Negative Energy Cleansing & Spirit Attachment Removal

We are all energy and we are all psychic.  It’s for this reason that you may be susceptible to drawing particular energies towards you at certain times during your life with or without your awareness.  Other reasons will be old stale energies of a home that need to be cleared – holding negative vibrations.  Or someone directly sending you bad energy/bad luck intentions.

Signs can be very subtle at the beginning such as:

 * You keep experiencing what feels like a constant ‘Run of Bad Luck ‘.  * Keep waking during the night for no apparent reason even though you are still tired. * Feeling out of sorts/emotions up & down but can’t put your finger on the reason why. * Always surrounded by arguments, dramas & problems. * Unable to change negative thoughts & feelings. *

Carrying out your own energy clearings will be more beneficial than never clearing your space.  Although, sometimes when dealing with entities and energies that we cannot see and are unable to make sense of, we need someone who can come in and work with us,  to see exactly what’s going on.

These 1hr sessions are for those who’ve tried to deal with the negative energies for themselves (and find nothing appears to work or make it stop) or those who’d rather hand the clearings over to someone more experienced in this area.

As a multi-dimensional medium, I have the ability to access your energy frequency and gain a clear perspective of what’s causing your unease.  I will help you to gain an understanding of what you’re experiencing and why it’s occurring.  Please be prepared to give details of the history of your situation in order for me to better connect to the energies that plague you

Clearing procedures are carried out remotely, the same day/evening as the initial situation consultation.

(*Please NOTE:  There is  a small fee incurred when using the PayPal option to pay but a normal flat rate when choosing the Direct 2 Bank option*)

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