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SMILING FROM WITHIN PETS  * Clairvoyant Pet Communication Sessions * Body Scan Reports & Animal Healing *  Does it feel like your pet has something to say to you? Most likely they do!  With my Clairvoyant Pet Communication sessions, you no longer have to wonder – just simply ask.  Crazy, yes!!!  That’s exactly what I thought when I experienced my first animal communications.  Having the owners confirm verification of my messages and even witnessing the conversations in progress, was the day ‘I knew’  that I needed to share this rare gift.  Anyone, who wants to connect on a deeper level to their beloved pet – no matter what breed! This is one reading, that is definately for you.


This Pet Communication Combination Reading includes: 

Initial consultations conducted via telephone.  We will speak first and make our connection together.  Once that’s made, I will then link into your beloved little one and make my connection with them.  From there we will begin deepening your bond together, so you can move towards leading a happier and a closer understanding of each other’s needs.  My style of readings will teach you how to implement positive psychology into your everyday lives.

A Body Scan Report consists of me using my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to scan your little one to search for any identifiable ailments known and unknown, detect energy blocks, assess psychological happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Clairvoyant Pet Communication sessions consist of building on the connections we’ve already formed during our session.  Together we will devise the best-planned strategy.  By sharing this knowledge with your beloved pet, they are also included in the plans and the role they will play.  This is the time where we give your pet the chance to have a voice to truly be heard and understood.  I will also invite you to come prepared with a couple of choice questions you’d love to ask.  If you’ve never had a pet communication session before, it is such a magical and amazing experience.  Showing that we really are, All Connected!

Animal Healing is where we take all the information gathered and send powerful direct healing energies targeting the issues identified – physically, cellular, and Spiritually.  Your little one will feel the healing of love as Divine Love. Your love for them will have gifted that experience to them.

Booking Your Session – After payment, please message me with your name, pet’s name, and a brief note about your concerns.  I’ll just need to know if you would prefer a daytime or evening appointment and I will reply with some suitable options to match.

Beverley @ smilingfromwithin .com

Please contact me if you would like to buy any of the above as an individual session.

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