Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery


Handmade Jewellery Items At The Price You Choose

Personally made by me, for you or a loved one of your choosing.  I will create either a necklace or bracelet to match the energies of the receiver.   Your chosen item will be activated and charged for its specific purpose – healing, protection, love 0r aura balancing.  I have a complete range of genuine precious gemstones and work with my guides to create something special and one-off.

All items are beautifully wrapped and packaged – including a handwritten card to share who the item was gifted from, the purpose of the item properties, and which stones I have used.

All wires are nickel free.  Posted via Royal Mail Next Day Delivery.




1/  Choose which item you would like to have made: Necklace, Bracelet, or Whole Set with Matching Earrings.  And choose your preferred price: £25, £35, £45 or £65

2/  State who it’s for:  Yourself or a chosen receiver (items can be sent directly to the chosen recipient at no extra to the original cost)

3/  Offer a suggestion of preferred colours.  Please note these are purely suggestions as I am unaware of what the items will look like until I begin working with my guides to create it.

4/  Let me know what you would like the chosen item to do: Energy re-balancing/Grounding, Negative Energy Protection,  Healing, Love & Relationship & Soulmate Connections, Emotional Healing, etc.

5/  Payment – £25.00 is taken now at checkout, as a deposit to be deducted off the total cost.  This places you onto my ‘Smiling From Within Jewellery’ waiting list – ensuring that your item will be the next in line to be made.  I will let you know an expected completion due date (usually dispatched within 7-10 days from ordering to delivery).

I will contact you directly to confirm any finer details needed in regards to the bespoke items.  You will then be sent an order confirmation invoice for the remaining balance, post, and packaging costs.

Once sent, I will text you the tracking number to confirm your item is on the way!

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