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I’m so excited for you to take a look around and see all the latest gift ideas I have in store for you. Inspired by my clients and Facebook page followers, my intention was to create a place where people can go to buy unusual gifts for themselves and others. Thoughtful token gifts – from one heart to another.

Bringing my idea from a dream to reality has been a fantastic experience. With many of my items being sourced from the UK and abroad. My ranges continue to grow, offering a diverse selection of gift wear items, which I’m hoping, will keep you ‘Smiling From Within’.


  • Negative Energy Cleansing and Spirit Prevention

    When was the last time you professionally cleaned strengthened and protected your energy system? Purely, by decluttering the clogged up surrounding atmosphere from old ways of thinking, old emotional baggage and worries that turn out never to happen - all still Offer accumulation within your aura!

    Offer extends to all previous clients who've had a reading since January 2021 or as an add on to any new clients.  If you are a worrier then this is definitely for you!

  • Spiritual Ascension Process Readings help facilitate your connection, directly to your Higher Self and your personal Spirit Guides/Spirit Team.  Spend time in their healing energy as they lovingly show you the present direction of your life purpose. Currently my best-selling reading, due to their accuracy of personal Spiritual Growth details, the fun energy absorbed when connected to the guides, and also the healing realignment of energies received throughout.
  • Spiritual Guidance Combination Telephone Reading

    With Tarot cards and Mediumship.  My most popular reading includes visions and predictions which are channelled via the Spirit world and my Spirit team.  I work tirelessly to continue with my constant development and ensure the accuracy of my readings

    Due to the amount of detail contained within my sessions,  all readings are recorded for you - included within this price.  This session lasts for 1 hour.


    (*Please NOTE:  There is  a small fee incurred when using the PayPal option to pay but a normal flat rate when choosing the Direct 2 Bank option*)

    Ask me about my Negative Energy Removal Spring Clean Treatment £25

  • Animal Healing For Anxious Pets

    Intense 10-minute session carried out remotely.  As an animal communicator, I am able to clairvoyantly connect to your little ones and make them aware of the process that I will carry out - gifted to them from their beloved owner. Please note that this purchase is for one animal Soul.  For two or more animals please purchase two sessions at once.  A photograph of the pets and their names will be required for connection. MOST CLIENTS PURCHASE SESSIONS LEADING UP TO - DURING & AFTER "firework Season"  These healing sessions are to help calm, soothe and reassure your anxious pets on the inside.  Working with their nervous system, confidence and bravery.   Pets are family too and as animal lovers, we only want the best for them.
  • Receive accurate messages from the Arch Angels. Their messages of guidance will give you the confidence and motivation to move forward positively with any life changes.
  • Guardian Angels are known to us as the messengers of love, healing, inspiration, and peace within.   Each card offers wisdom to those seeking clarity of vision, inspiration within their daily ventures, and healing guidance.

  • This beautiful deck has been designed especially to guide you through present challenges and upcoming life events. Connecting you directly with specific spirit guides and divine helpers who are there to help you navigate through these transitions and challenges.

  • Animal spirit guides are spirit helpers in animal form who can provide guidance for questions you have about any aspect of your life. In this deck of 44 oracle cards created by Steven D. Farmer, you'll find clear and concise messages from each of the spirit animals.  If you experience dreams with animals, then they are a symbolic message.  These cards help you to connect with your Animal Spirit Guides.  

  • The 44 cards in this deck contain specific numbers, colours and words to raise your energy vibration and facilitate your spiritual growth.

    In the accompanying guidebook, numerologist Michelle Buchanan offers detailed information to help aid and guide your interpretations of  your readings.
  • Working with:  Colours,  Symbology,  Shapes,  Words, Various card spreads,  Divination,  Numerology,  Energy centres and your Intuitive imagination. 

    (Very popular choice for Tarot oracle cards)

  • A beautiful gift for any loved one, including yourself!

    Angels are known for the protection they bring to us as we travel along our journey of life. They watch over us when asked. This keyring symbolizes that request.  Engraved with the words 'Protected By Angels'.

  • Negative Energy Removal & Spirit Cleansing.  This includes clearing the energy space around you and placing protection over you from your first point of contact with me.  Please note you will be required to answer a few consultation questions beforehand to gather the necessary information on the situation you are dealing with.  Sometimes, all that is needed is someone to make sense of an unexplained incident, not necessarily that you have spirit attachment/spirit possession or curse.

    There is a one-off payment of £150 which includes all of the above.  I, unfortunately, do not give refunds on this particular service due to the complicated nature of energetic attachments and also the integrity of the lifestyle for some who unfortunately dabble in the darker-natured things.

    (*Please NOTE:  Payment is taken at the time of appointment booking (£150).  There is  a small fee incurred when using the PayPal option to pay and no extra charge  when choosing the Direct 2 Bank option*)

  • A stylish gift for any man who's in touch with his Spirituality.   

    This double disk necklace is handmade with real leather and Tibetan disks, to help balance your Chakra energy.  Symbolises: perseverance, courage, strength, and a dominant but playful personality. Which in turn works in alignment with anxiety calming and confidence building energies.

  • Sale!

    Lucky Buddha Key Ring

    Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £1.50.

    Four different choices of the lucky Buddha.  By this as a lucky charm for a friend or loved one.  Spreading positive vibrations of joy and abundance.

    Please specify your choice of Buddha using positions of 1 - 4 on the main image.

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