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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you offer face 2 face readings?

My style of reading does not require me to see people face to face. When I took over the work phone of my late mother 'Crystal Clear', I spoke to many of her clients and friends all over the UK and abroad, it was from here that I began reading over the telephone. From then my Spirit guides directed only those who were already attuned to telephone readings - this is reflected in my reviews. This has now evolved into a wider client base that appreciate I am able to fit in more clients during my working day if via telephone; cutting down on time spent travelling and late arrivals.

How does it work if you can't see me?

Before our call I prepare myself properly and tune into your Soul and Spirit guides. This enables me to give you instant proof at the beginning of the call, showing that I have linked into you properly and that a connection has been made. Only when you are able to confirm this do I continue forwards through the reading. This is also the same when giving Mediumship within my readings - I'll already have connected to your loved ones before we begin.

If you're choosing the cards instead of me then surely, it's not my energy it's yours?

As I am using the same pack of cards that my mother, 'Crystal Clear' used to do her readings, they are fully charged with both of our energies. As I prepare myself to work I draw on your energy and choose the cards as if it were you who were to choose them. You will see immediately that I am picking up on you and your current situation as soon as we begin.

How do I pay you if I can't give you the money in person?

As all my appointment slots are booked in advance, you will be given the option of a payment link to be sent to your email, where you can pay via credit card or PayPal (no account needed) or if you prefer a simple bank transfer (details upon request). If for whatever reason we cannot connect and the reading is called to a premature ending, I will immediately refund you fully, with the same method of payment that you originally used.

All Sessions Recorded

Most of my clients prefer to have a recording due to my readings containing a lot of detail. It is for this reason that all my prices include a recording of our sessions together. This will be sent either by CD – 1st Class postage or, if preferred, via a file transfer. Please note: copies of our session are only held and stored until I receive confirmation that your recording has been received – they are then deleted.

How does the Healing and Prayer book work?

As a natural healer my energy can be and has always been used for distance healing (I don't need to be in the persons' presence for it to work). Every day, before I begin working with Spirit, I spend time working with my guides in order to prepared my highest possible vibration. It is within this space that I send out and acknowledge the prayers for the names in the prayer book. In the evenings, when closing down for the day, I send healing to each person who has been put forwards. It's Ok to put the same name for healing and a prayer. Just go to the Healing and Prayer book page and fill out the request form. Please give a small description of your request.

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