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Distant Healing and Prayer Book

Over the years I have sent healing to many people, with amazing results. When people come back to me and tell me their experiences it makes my heart flutter with happiness, knowing I have helped someone. So from this I felt a strong desire to extend this love further and reach out those of you who that find my page. If either, yourself or someone you know could benefit from this free service then I invite you to make contact. Please visit my FAQs page for more understand of how it all works.

Just email me using the link below. Please include the name of who you'd like to recieve the healing or to be placed in the Prayer Book (a request for both is also welcome), give a small description of their situation or reason for Prayer request. By signing your name and relationship to the person it enables me to enhance your blessings to them. Requests are always private and completely confidential.

I welcome you as offen as you may like to my Distant Healing and Prayer Book Page. Beverley xx


Distant Healing