Learning The Hard Way

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Be grateful for being able to change your perspective and remember your spiritual duties are not what your ego believes to be true. Stay in alignment with what makes you happy and move away from all that doesn’t. “

– Guardians of Sorrow ©

Easier said than done right?  How do you decipher between you’re own selfish wants/ needs and the thinking of others? The enforcing of new rules and boundaries until they stick, how to be challenging without confrontation, the being in denial vs. knowing that we’re hiding from the truth – if only for now.

Unraveling the spaghetti junction above has a lot going on – to find that first initial pull to begin disentanglement. Past beliefs, morals, experiences, lessons we’ve had, or even still learning.  All the chapters that can now be closed.  All these factors themselves can go as deep or as shallow as our emotions see fit at that time.

Other people’s opinions, what role do they play?  Now, that’s where the knot becomes a double knot.  A knot so tight its been left many a time with no resolve.  More knots and spaghetti piled on top, with the hope that avoidance can create a new pathway that won’t result in the same outcome.

We must be careful though, of whose opinion and advice we seek – especially in times when we’re emotionally vulnerable.  Words are like swords and daggers, they need to be used with care and caution.  In the hands of a swordsman they can cut to the bone and scar for life or they can open up a deeper reality, removing the blindfold of illusion from our eyes. 

Everyones in training in some way or another. We just need to learn to trust our instincts when placing our trust of insight, into the right person and hopefully, at the right time! There’s a minefield of information out there and most of its just based purely on “someone’s” opinion.

As we unpick the knots of reflection and lessons, we begin to find that by taking the time to assess our thoughts and feelings, it starts to become clear which of the old behaviours we’ve let go of – or are still clinging tightly to.  Our comfort blankets, our resistance to change.

Which patterns are rocking up again?  A repeat of the same lesson just dressed up with different faces and locations.  Do we learn our lessons in life quickly?  Or do we laughingly joke, how we always “need to learn the hard way”?  What’s that all about anyway??  I believe, that it’s your inner guidance telling you that everyone can have an opinion; on what’s best for you and what they would do if it was them. But ultimately, learning the hard way means you’re somebody that learns better from absorbing the whole experience – start to finish for yourself.  Advice and guidance are heard but rarely taken.

Setting ourselves up to fail apparently!  Too self-willed to take the short cut forwards. Advice from those who’ve been there and done that same pathway before. Well, we all know that failure is Ok!  And it isn’t a negative at all.   On a whole anyway (I’m sure we could dig this last line our for hours if need be). I believe failure is Ok because what we get are the facts of what’s working and what’s not.  The process of elimination as they say.  The easy knots are lessons learned, allowing us a safe and happy passage forwards until the next bump in the road arises.

Society says, to forget the misgivings of our past.  The blinding truth of what was is now seen to be an illusion.  The blinding horrors now plain for us all to see.  No longer are people afraid to speak out about that which is wrong and unjust.  The taboos so dark no one must mention.  Although, clear for, “those who know, know”, they always knew what was happening to many.  Just pick a generation and the story is still the same. 

Consider this! How do we know that two people aren’t right for each other in a relationship?  Or that a friendship has run its course! A subject many are happy to have an opinion about.  But where do they draw that answer from? For example, Society said: Good families have a Mum and a Dad living with their children. Well, not anymore!  Those days were drummed into textbooks years ago.  Programming us into the blueprint of conformity.  Whereas now, Society knows; as long as a child or children are brought up in the loving care of any gender be that single or a couple mixed, same-sexed gender or even by Aliens – as long as the core foundation is stemming from unconditional love, kindness, compassion, and consistency,  then this is what gives children their platform to flourish and become who they want to be.

Sweeping what is known, under the carpet, look the other way, say nothing and it should never happen again.  Those who bare witness are shot down if they dare to challenge.  But here’s my point.  Just because we all know right from wrong, and the atrocities become exposed, how does the carpet sweeping of a taboo help it to never happen again?  Following the directives of others, silenced by fear, or taking on others’ opinions as our own – we know that doesn’t work to change anything.  So, as painful as it may be, we must always remember and acknowledge the wrongs that have been done.  To always speak out for what we know in our hearts is not right.  And it’s only then that we can truly make changes so that no one needs to go through “that” (whichever generation you’re looking at), so it never happens again.  Embracing the dark and the ugliness of our actions can only lead us towards hope, healing, and change.

Within all relationship dynamics, communication is always key – everything else extends from there.  Hurt and pain occur – its addressed, acknowledged and the pain is heard.  Healthy reflections of why it arose, taking true ownership, and responsibility in the parts played.  Having the ability to shift into some level of understanding from the other person’s perspective – doesn’t mean you agree but shows connected human empathy.  Finding a middle ground is a starting point – No! it won’t change the past but by holding it in our awareness we can lead by example and slowly make changes for our future. Society knows that fighting doesn’t change anything!

In loving memory of all those who’ve been left scarred from the atrocities of society.  May you live long enough to witness lasting changes”.

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Intuitive Guidance System

“Hope gives people a purpose, drives motivation, and instills faith.  Many can draw on the negatives of their circumstances but are unable to shift towards a positive mind when they fear their future may be hopeless. “

– Guardians of Sorrow ©

Our inner guidance system knows our end goal, desires, and dreams.  It knows our deepest capabilities and if allowed, can guide us towards the best way matched to our current situation and circumstances.

Logically knowing there is always a solution, to any problem may be obvious to some but at the least, it’s a starting place to build upon.

Hope that your inner guidance will point you in the right direction towards the answers you need.  Placing you in the right place at the right time, delivering the right information to inspire a different perspective. Or even, in the form of people voicing to you, out loud, what you already know deep within. 

Trusting your faith in the knowledge that all through your life you’ve somehow managed to stay on track, or even rediverted back onto the right track! 

Motivation and drive begin to propel you forwards, drawing comfort from the hope, that change is truly possible and the faith that your inner guidance system – your intuition, already knows what direction to lead you.  When these key ingredients combine, you ignite your self-empowerment within.

A power so strong, created by you to be used solely by the present you, here right now.  Your own powerhouse database of intuitive knowledge.  This is where ideas are created and formed, where belief and achievement become a reality.

Heard all this before, yes?  So how do we jump from the fog in our mind to an all-knowing oracle?

Well, seeing as your self-empowerment is unique to you and your life experiences, it makes sense that it starts with knowing a little about what works best for you.

Think of the mind a little like a rubrics cube or the mechanics of a clock.  Each piece needs to slot into the right place before the next movement can happen successfully.

Here are a few of my suggestions for you to get started or that you could practice with

Meditation or Mindfulness

It’s important to be able to clear the mind of all the day to day crap bouncing around. You’re not aiming for complete emptiness but just some space to think clearly. After all, if you’re trying to search for an answer inside the closet of yourself then it helps for that closet to be tidy before the search begins.

Practice heightening your sense of awareness

When we can be fully present in a moment, we pay attention to detail more. Fine-tuning our senses helps not only our sensitivity but also our self-awareness which is important within spiritual practice.

Become familiar with Oracle cards

When starting out or developing, I feel there’s less pressure on the self when practicing with Oracle cards as a pose to Tarot Cards. It’s only a personal suggestion rather than a rule. Oracle cards are friendly, fun, very accurate, and are easy to use when trying to find answers for yourself – uplifting and motivational. Whereas, Tarot cards are a little more serious and much harder to interpret messages for yourself when not very familiar with them or how they work.

Learn to have fun with trusting your intuition

When practicing to trust your intuition, I would suggest starting with smaller outcomes at first.  Ones that don’t hold any significant emotional attachment to the outcome.  Also, as with practicing anything that involves opening up your energy centres to receive information; there’s an obvious caution in place if you’re under the influence of any mood-altering drugs or alcohol.   Purely because you will only be able to receive low vibrational forms of information. You also run the risk of becoming vulnerable to a Spirit Attack (entities can easily attach energetically to you).

If you’re looking to make lasting life decisions for your future, then you should at least give yourself a chance to access the best quality information you have available.

Smiling From Within

It takes practice – (if you’re just starting/developing) to form the trust with yourself that the guidance (whichever way you acquire it) is reliable each time.  As researchers say, an experiment needs to provide the same expected outcome for the majority of the time.  Depending on the variables, of course! This is why its best not to put the pressure onto something where outcome holds so much weight, not at first anyway. 

So, what happens if you need to know now?  If you’re not sure if a certain someone’s entrance into your life, is someone who’s been put in your pathway for a purpose or a reason.  Or,  if you know you can kind of trust your intuition, but not for the really big stuff!

That’s when lots of people – all walks of life – turn to “Seers” for answers.  A Seer is a term for those who have the ability in one form or another (mainly clairvoyants), who are able to access a clearer picture (clear-seeing) of what’s going on for you.  I found this link which gives a short description of “How many types of psychics there are?” Just for you to see how the names are often used interchangeably but they do actually differ. (Link opens in a separate window)

It’s my belief that we are all here to learn how to make our lives the best we can from the choices we make.  We all have access to the same information, to be used in the same way.  “Seers” – psychics, clairvoyants, and mediums have been placed along the pathway to help gain access to the higher knowledge needed at any given time. 

Think of us like little petrol stations; you choose which type works best for you, make a connection – fill up with clarity and a new perspective – continue on along your journey for as long as you may need.  We can only get you so far, as nothing is set in stone.  Ultimately, the outcome still lays with you and your decision choices.  We can show you Door A or Door B, it’s just down to you which one you go through!

** Please do your research before instilling your trust into someone who may influence your thoughts and feelings.

Musical Statues With COVID 19


“We are moving forward into a time of confusion and conflict.  Already we’re seeing the people rejecting some systems that no longer resonate with their true selves.  Fear, trust and self will are the themes pushing through.  People are feeling the call to uncover the hidden truths for themselves.”

– Guardians of Sorrow ©

Too many lies exposed, too many questions avoided. Now people are realising that the answers to their truth are available for them to find for themselves and that being led, to “no-where”, is no longer acceptable.  The fastest route to  “somewhere”, is by your own inner knowing, guidance and understanding.

What we have now are all the cooking pots, spilt over, into one mass mixture.  Only now, have people been able to really feel – on a global level – how truly one and the same, we are.  Only in times of crisis and uprising do people truly get the sense of what “connected”, truly feels like.  As the mixtures all bleed together in the midst of crisis, people have no second thoughts when in a position to help or to even, receive help.  ‘Love thy neighbour’, in full effect!  An energy exchange between all, pulling together so everyone can find a way forwards at the same time.  Sharing wealth, food, shelter and compassion unconditionally.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be the Universe way of forcing the reset button to be pushed, causing everyone to stop in their tracks – like musical statues – all people forced to stand still, ready for the inspection.  Irrelevant of what stage of life people are at young, old, rich, poor, business tycoon or unemployed.  All placed on pause for a dose of healthy reflection on “Everything” at the crux of life. What now truly does or doesn’t matter? Had we lost sight of what matters?  Were we becoming complacent and ungrateful?  Society divides splintering off in all areas.  Well? What collectively, was being taken for granted – causing these divides?

Healthcare, environmental pollution, outrageous spending on material crap, community unity without crisis barely exists, continual government incompetence, met with no public empathy of the mammoth difficulty at hand.  Continued pay cuts for the emergency services – running on a skeleton crew., COVID-19 has stopped us all in our tracks, giving us all time to re-evaluate our gratitude and morals at this very point in time.  During this musical statues reflection, we’re forced to look within for the answers we need.  What beliefs do we hold on to that more often than not have been planted by someone else?  Bias opinions become a magnet for more confirmation, confirming more of the same.  We’re all judgmental in one way or another.  Well, now is the time to release the old ways that no longer serve you.  The reset button is for us all to restart again, with a clean slate.

The choices we’ve made to get us to this point will reflect our judgements of our chosen ways but moving forwards what will you be leaving behind?  Making way for new thinking and behaviors.

Collectively, we can all spot varying areas where “the system” is broken.  Collectively, we can feel the undertone of fear, lies, and deception.  Collectively, we understand that we won’t be privy to every government’s decisions but we do expect, transparency and ownership as we watch the handling of this pandemic unfolding.

Just as we watch individual countries across the globe dealing with COVID-19, in the best way they see fit.  We as individuals have no choice but to do the same.  From the offset, information swapped and changed, the “do as I say not as I do” cracks began to appear and undeniable manipulation of information right before our eyes.

COVID-19 has forced us to go within and follow our inner guidance and knowing which isn’t governed by fear.  Fear is the control to keep us stood still.  Behind the scenes, opportunities are being taken to implement the structure for a new way of moving forwards.  But ultimately, who will benefit? Will we all still be pulling each other helpfully along?

Collectively, we know people are more willing when they trust but fear causes resistance.  Collectively, we know that in unity, our voices become one, too loud to be ignored.  Our inner guidance knows now is truly the time for changes. Its time to speak out about that which we no longer want to carry forwards into our new future; releasing old outdated ways within the system that no longer serve us.  What would you remove first?

People are done with seeing our emergency services, mental health, and social care being cut to the quick, Only to see ridiculous government bonuses, expenses, and scandals branded in our faces.  The one rule for one, “Shhh! They won’t notice” mentality.

Out of every dark must come the light and sadly, for real change to happen, it will get worse. Seeking to rid the rot before the true healing can begin,   People react to their emotions when they feel they’re not being heard or if promises continue to be broken.

We’ll see the unity built so far begin to fracture and shatter until people feel heard, acknowledged and the old ways removed.  Making way for a new future.  One that we can all build together, one that we all can appreciate that much more.  ‘Cause when we look back, we’ll all remember the time we played, Global Musical Statues with COVID-19.

“ In loving memory to all those we’ve sadly lost along the way.” Thanks for listening!

** Prediction: Something major and significant occurring in October 2020.