Musical Statues With COVID 19

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“We are moving forward into a time of confusion and conflict.  Already we’re seeing the people rejecting some systems that no longer resonate with their true selves.  Fear, trust and self will are the themes pushing through.  People are feeling the call to uncover the hidden truths for themselves.”

– Guardians of Sorrow ©

Too many lies exposed, too many questions avoided. Now people are realising that the answers to their truth are available for them to find for themselves and that being led, to “no-where”, is no longer acceptable.  The fastest route to  “somewhere”, is by your own inner knowing, guidance and understanding.

What we have now are all the cooking pots, spilt over, into one mass mixture.  Only now, have people been able to really feel – on a global level – how truly one and the same, we are.  Only in times of crisis and uprising do people truly get the sense of what “connected”, truly feels like.  As the mixtures all bleed together in the midst of crisis, people have no second thoughts when in a position to help or to even, receive help.  ‘Love thy neighbour’, in full effect!  An energy exchange between all, pulling together so everyone can find a way forwards at the same time.  Sharing wealth, food, shelter and compassion unconditionally.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be the Universe way of forcing the reset button to be pushed, causing everyone to stop in their tracks – like musical statues – all people forced to stand still, ready for the inspection.  Irrelevant of what stage of life people are at young, old, rich, poor, business tycoon or unemployed.  All placed on pause for a dose of healthy reflection on “Everything” at the crux of life. What now truly does or doesn’t matter? Had we lost sight of what matters?  Were we becoming complacent and ungrateful?  Society divides splintering off in all areas.  Well? What collectively, was being taken for granted – causing these divides?

Healthcare, environmental pollution, outrageous spending on material crap, community unity without crisis barely exists, continual government incompetence, met with no public empathy of the mammoth difficulty at hand.  Continued pay cuts for the emergency services – running on a skeleton crew., COVID-19 has stopped us all in our tracks, giving us all time to re-evaluate our gratitude and morals at this very point in time.  During this musical statues reflection, we’re forced to look within for the answers we need.  What beliefs do we hold on to that more often than not have been planted by someone else?  Bias opinions become a magnet for more confirmation, confirming more of the same.  We’re all judgmental in one way or another.  Well, now is the time to release the old ways that no longer serve you.  The reset button is for us all to restart again, with a clean slate.

The choices we’ve made to get us to this point will reflect our judgements of our chosen ways but moving forwards what will you be leaving behind?  Making way for new thinking and behaviors.

Collectively, we can all spot varying areas where “the system” is broken.  Collectively, we can feel the undertone of fear, lies, and deception.  Collectively, we understand that we won’t be privy to every government’s decisions but we do expect, transparency and ownership as we watch the handling of this pandemic unfolding.

Just as we watch individual countries across the globe dealing with COVID-19, in the best way they see fit.  We as individuals have no choice but to do the same.  From the offset, information swapped and changed, the “do as I say not as I do” cracks began to appear and undeniable manipulation of information right before our eyes.

COVID-19 has forced us to go within and follow our inner guidance and knowing which isn’t governed by fear.  Fear is the control to keep us stood still.  Behind the scenes, opportunities are being taken to implement the structure for a new way of moving forwards.  But ultimately, who will benefit? Will we all still be pulling each other helpfully along?

Collectively, we know people are more willing when they trust but fear causes resistance.  Collectively, we know that in unity, our voices become one, too loud to be ignored.  Our inner guidance knows now is truly the time for changes. Its time to speak out about that which we no longer want to carry forwards into our new future; releasing old outdated ways within the system that no longer serve us.  What would you remove first?

People are done with seeing our emergency services, mental health, and social care being cut to the quick, Only to see ridiculous government bonuses, expenses, and scandals branded in our faces.  The one rule for one, “Shhh! They won’t notice” mentality.

Out of every dark must come the light and sadly, for real change to happen, it will get worse. Seeking to rid the rot before the true healing can begin,   People react to their emotions when they feel they’re not being heard or if promises continue to be broken.

We’ll see the unity built so far begin to fracture and shatter until people feel heard, acknowledged and the old ways removed.  Making way for a new future.  One that we can all build together, one that we all can appreciate that much more.  ‘Cause when we look back, we’ll all remember the time we played, Global Musical Statues with COVID-19.

“ In loving memory to all those we’ve sadly lost along the way.” Thanks for listening!

** Prediction: Something major and significant occurring in October 2020.

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